Abianyera Bus

Abianyera Bus provides all kind of services adapted to the necessities of each customer, especially those who, circumstantial or permanently, suffer from limited mobility. Among our customers are included:

* Individuals
* Companies
* Tour Operators & Travel Agencies
* Schools
* Clubs & Associations
* Organismos Públicos
* Etc...



We have 15 years experience behind us with more than 40.000 services per year, ensuring to our customers to achieve the best and the most demanding standards of quality, security and conform. The customers rely on our experience and year by year contract Abianyera Bus in order to organize all kind of activities and events.

Services for disabled

The 80 % of our fleet are vehicles adapted and we make all kind of services for people of limited mobility, either at schools, at old people's home or at daily centres. We have a great deal of experience in this sort of work.